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Pack and Ship Guarantee

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Packed with coverage

When our postalcenter® location packs your item using only new materials that are purchased that day at our location and your item is shipped with a service that includes insurance or declared value coverage, or you purchase insurance or declared value coverage, (with the location and not another shipping account), you will be reimbursed:


  • The item’s value (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement or repair cost and up to the amount of declared value or insurance purchased)


  • The shipping cost (excluding declared value/insurance charges)


  • The packaging cost for packing materials and services (subject only to complete loss or complete damage claims and not partial)


The postalcenter® pack and ship guarantee does not apply to:

 Items shipped on accounts other than the locations account

Shipments that include free packaging from any carrier

Items that are not covered in the carriers, declared value or insurance  terms and conditions

Shipments that do not include declared value or insurance coverage

Shipments where declared value or insurance coverage has not been purchased

Some shipping services include declared value or insurance and some do not.  Additional declared value or insurance can be added to some shipping services at the time of purchase.  If you are unsure it for service includes declared value or insurance, contact your local postalcenter®. 


Please contact us if you have any questions.


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