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Shipping Services


Shipping Services

Shipping options all in one place

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postalcenter® offers complete UPS®, FedEx®, DHL® and US Postal ®shipping Services.  We ship within the United States and across the world. Large/Heavy Freight services are also available. Contact your neighborhood postalcenter® for service availability, pricing and options.

Multiple shipping choices in one store

At postalcenter®, you have a choice of shipping services from UPS®, FedEx®, DHL® and the United States Postal Service®.  If you’re looking for the fastest- we have that.  Looking for the safest?  We have that.  Looking for the best value? We have that too.  We’re happy to explain all your shipping choices so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Domestic Shipping Services

Overnight/Air Services

  • Guaranteed Overnight shipping
  • Guaranteed 2nd day shipping
  • Guaranteed 3rd day shipping
  • Tracking and insurance included on all FedEx®, UPS®, Express Mail® services

    Ground Services

  • Delivery times in 1-5 business days
  • Tracking and $100 insurance included on all FedEx® and UPS® Ground services

    International Services

  • Guaranteed FedEx®, UPS® and DHL® shipping services
  • Tracking and insurance on all FedEx®, UPS® and DHL® shipping services
  • USPS International Express Mail®, International Priority Mail® and International First Class shipping services available

Pack & Ship Guarantee

With our professional packing services, you are always in good hands at postalcenter®. If an item that is packed by one of our associates and shipped with insured/declared value coverage, you’ll be reimbursed for the value of the item (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement or repair cost), and the full cost of packing materials (excluding insurance/declared value charges).  Restrictions apply.   For full details, see our pack & ship guarantee.


Support all the way to delivery

At postalcenter®, we are committed to supporting your shipments from pickup to delivery.  Issues can often arise in transit and we will work for you in resolving them.  Helping with items such as tracking, lost, or damaged shipments are just a few of the situations we monitor on a daily basis.  Our experienced and professionally trained staff will work hard to make sure these situations are handled as best as possible.


Tracking services

Track UPS®, FedEx®, USPS® and DHL® shipments all in one place.  Not sure which carrier your tracking number belongs to?  No worries, we’ll figure that out too.

products and services we offer
Business services live at postalcenter.  Click here to learn more.
Whether you need to ship furniture, large artwork, or industrial equipment, we handle all your large/heavy shipping at postalcenter.
Electronics, artwork, perishables, delicate and hard to package items are what we specialize in at postalcenter.
From logo creation to branding campaigns, we have the designers to get professional results (just look at our site- lol)