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Packing Materials Recycling

Recycle packing peanuts our your local postalcenter®

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Recycle Packing Peanuts

Your local neighborhood postalcenter® recycles packing peanuts/polyfill.  All you need to do is bring them in to anyone of our locations.  You can bring them in a plastic bag or box and we’re happy to accept them.   Please make sure that they are clean and able to be re-used. If you do not have a postalcenter® location near yourself, you can view a store locator for the plastic loose fill council here. 


Keep some on hand for yourself

Polyfill is a great packing material because it does an excellent job of keeping your package contents and container tight.  We recommend that part of your recycling program is keeping some on hand for the next time you need to ship an item that needs this type of cushioning. 


Other items to recycle

We are happy to recycle anything we can to help our environment.  Unfortunately, there are many packing materials that cannot be re-used.  The best way to determine if another item can be recycled is to ask yourself if the item could be re-used.  If so, then it probably can be recycled.  If not, check with your town to see if they have a method of recycling these items. 


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