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Boxes and supplies (Moving & Shipping)

postalcenter® is has all the shipping and moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other supplies you need.  We offer over 40 sizes of boxes so we have what you need.

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Moving and Shipping Boxes

postalcenter® offers more than 40 different sizes of boxes.  With sizes as small as 6x6x6, as large as 20x24x49 and all sorts in between, we have the right size for your needs.  No one offers as many different sizes as we do. 


Moving Kits

At postalcenter®, we offer boxes, bubble wrap, tape and blank newsprint  together in kits to help make your packing for moving project easier.  We have 5 different size kits ranging from a beginner size to get you started, all the way to enough to move an entire household.  Stop by our location and we will help you find the kit that best meets your need.


Bubble Wrap and Tape

At postalcenter®,  you can purchase bubble wrap by the individual sheet or the roll.  We sell small 1/8” bubble wrap and large ½” Large bubble wrap types.  Rolls are available in 12” and 24” widths and in 10’, 50’, 100’, 250’ and 500’ rolls.  With 6 different roll sizes,  we what you are looking for.

We sell clear, tan and strapping tape.  We offer styles that come with their own dispenser, and some that are refills for tape guns.  We also sell tape guns and have 2 different styles so you can use what is best for you.


Padded Mailers and Envelopes

Postalcenter® offers over 7 different types of padded envelopes along with a large variety of mailing envelopes.  We have Mainlla/Brown, Tyvex, #10 envelopes, oversized poly mailers and cardboard photo mailers.  All of these can be bought in singles so if you only need one, you’re all set. 


Professional Packing Services

We can wrap, pack and ship just about any size item.  Furniture, artwork, and large items are everyday items for us at postalcenter®.  If you are moving, we can pack items for your move.  If you are shipping, we can obviously pack for that also.  We guarantee the items we pack are always packed to meet carrier and insurance guidelines.  To learn more about this, see our pack and ship guarantee.


products and services we offer
Business services live at postalcenter.  Click here to learn more.
Whether you need to ship furniture, large artwork, or industrial equipment, we handle all your large/heavy shipping at postalcenter.
Electronics, artwork, perishables, delicate and hard to package items are what we specialize in at postalcenter.
From logo creation to branding campaigns, we have the designers to get professional results (just look at our site- lol)